Symposium Friday, June 25

Each group of ~6 is asked to share observations and reflections on the following:

1. K-5 BioEYES
2. 6-12 BioEYES
3. Modern Lab I
4. Modern Lab II
5. Tours
6. Pedagogy Session

You can now register to participate in the online community at this site; here you can follow along or participate in the discussion of how gen.otyp's "Cloning a Fluorescent Gene" (CAFG) lab is being implemented in classrooms in Michiana.
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Carla Kasten
Tim Braunsdorf
Kahlil Schertz
Jaclyn Voss
Mark Anderson
Anne Toth

Pati Hindsley
Anna Miller
Barbara Garland
Michelle Havens
Kim Burns
Heather Kerckhove
Janelle Miller
Mark Alexander
Sharon Tipton
Aileen Mattimore
John Gensic
Carol Govek
Mary Swope
Brad Raker
Betsy Steele
Lisa Nyers
Beth Bokhart
Deb Gilles
Mary Cook
Rob Guerrero