Here is a list of links that will take you to some of my favorite zebrafish sites:

embryo development first 24 hours(1:07) youtube video. Great for all ages. Time lapse photography of zebrafish development from the 2 cell stage, for 24 hours, images taken every 2 mintues. You can stop and start it and see if students can tell how many hours past fertilization the embryo is. If blocked from Youtube, click on the play arrow at the lower left hand of screen.

youtube video 2 embryo race (2:11) Youtube video. Great for all ages. Has fun music in background. Watch the 3 day embryonic development of zebra fish in about 2 min.

(If blocked from Youtube, click on play arrow in lower left hand corner to start)

Movie showing heart regeneration in zebrafish (2:31) Fun animation video showing part of the zebrafish heart being cut off, and then shows how it regenerates. Once the heart is cut off, the terminology gets more detailed so for middle school students you could watch and listen for perhaps the first minute. For high school students you could watch the whole thing, and touch on the special shape of the proteins needed.

(If blocked from Youtube, click on play arrow in lower left hand corner to play)

Glowing heart and blood in a fish embryo marked with GFP (2:18)

Microscope views of a transgenic (genetically modified) zebrafish embryo, 3 days old. Fluorescent proteins are used to make the heart glow green or red (to identify the transgenic fish) and the red blood cells glow green. Notice the magnifying effect of the lens in the eye (black circular thing in the top of one of the views) as red blood cells travel through the retina. Could be used at micro level, but better at middle and high school.

(If blocked from Youtube, click on play arrow in lower left hand corner to play)

high school level video of development of zebrafish embryo-quite detailed

Commercial for England Heart Association with animated zfish

Excellent site for zebrafish-best all around information

glofish information links to 20 different articles on Fluorescent zebrafish (GloFish). Lots of good information.

Why use zebrafish in research? About 4 pages of text explaining the advantages of zebrafish in research-more high school level.

Dr. Chico and how he uses zebrafish to cure heart disease (3:23) Great interview with an Australian doctor who works half of his day with human patients and half of his day doing research on zebrafish. It would be a good video once the students have already experienced most or all of the week of BioEYES. Either for middle school or high school.

Video of young woman scientist NIce short video (1:34) of young woman who is a professor and head of a zebrafish research lab at Washinton State University discussing her research about finding the cause of skin cancer. You will need to scroll down page and begin the video by clicking on the start arrow.

Zebrafish Researcher's help site Really cool for Intermediate and Advanced. Shows how researchers ask for help on all sorts of different questions on how to do research on zebrafish. One question recently posted was about a lab raising the embryos, and getting more females than males. What can they do with the environment to change that (change temperature that fish are raised at; change pH of water)? Shows how the internet has certainly opened up research labs from all over the world, and how scientists need to work together!