MichianaBioEYES Program

65 Teachers, 4268 students in 2011-2012!
41 Schools, 12,750 students in four years:)

external image 4722279873_48573c705f.jpgWelcome to the Notre Dame BioEYES site! BioEYES is a week long hands-on learning lab where students conduct investigations with zebrafish and their embryos.

Please visit Anita Beebe's blog to see some of the schools she has visited. Check out under "Share Resources" (left) to see what great supplements that your fellow BioEYES teachers have come up with. And get a peek around the corner into our hopes for BioEYES: caring for the Saint Joe River watershed using zebrafish as model organisms! See the Watershed Stewardship extension program already at work in the Chesapeake Bay area in Maryland. We're in the process of applying for funding now!